Starting Over. 

Let me start off by saying that I created this blog channel during a really negative time in my life. I was sad a lot and looking back on my posts brought those feelings back, even when my posts were not negative. I recently made some changes in my life, and I wanted to get back to blogging. I put it off, always telling myself how I am a nursing student with a job. I will not have time. But then something sparked.

I am a nursing student.

With a job.

It hit me that I can blog about my nursing school experience. My clinical experience. My hospital job experience. Then I can look back on it later on as a nurse and look at how much I have developed. Of course I want to make posts about other things too, but how cool would it be to record my experiences, my fears, my excitements, and see what has changed years from now?

I am so excited, as I am refocusing on my blog, and a hobby (writing & creating). Stick with me to see what nursing school is all about!

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